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Install lakeFS CLI

lakeFS comes with its own native CLI client. You can see the complete command reference here.

The CLI is a great way to get started with lakeFS since it is a complete implementation of the lakeFS API.

Here’s how to get started with the CLI:

  1. Download the CLI binary:

    Download lakectl

  2. It’s recommended that you place it somewhere in your PATH (this is OS dependant but for *NIX systems , /usr/local/bin is usually a safe bet).
  3. configure the CLI to use the credentials you’ve created earlier:

    lakectl config
    # output:
    # Config file /home/janedoe/.lakectl.yaml will be used
    # Secret access key: ****************************************
    # Server endpoint URL: http://localhost:8000/api/v1
  4. Now that we’ve configured it, let’s run a few sample commands:

    lakectl branch list lakefs://example-repo
    # output:
    # +----------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
    # | REF NAME | COMMIT ID                                                        |
    # +----------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
    # | main     | a91f56a7e11be1348fc405053e5234e4af7d6da01ed02f3d9a8ba7b1f71499c8 |
    # +----------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
    lakectl commit lakefs://example-repo/main -m 'added our first file!'
    # output:
    # Commit for branch "main" done.
    # ID: 901f7b21e1508e761642b142aea0ccf28451675199655381f65101ea230ebb87
    # Timestamp: 2021-06-15 13:48:37 +0300 IDT
    # Parents: a91f56a7e11be1348fc405053e5234e4af7d6da01ed02f3d9a8ba7b1f71499c8
    lakectl log lakefs://example-repo/main
    # output:  
    # commit 901f7b21e1508e761642b142aea0ccf28451675199655381f65101ea230ebb87
    # Author: Example User <>
    # Date: 2021-06-15 13:48:37 +0300 IDT
          added our first file!

    Note lakeFS version <= v0.33.1 uses ‘@’ (instead of ‘/’) as separator between repository and branch.

Next steps

Once you’re ready to test lakeFS with a real workflow, it’s time to deploy lakeFS to AWS.