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Calling the lakeFS API from Python

The lakeFS API is OpenAPI 3.0 compliant, allowing the generation of clients from multiple languages or directly accessed by any HTTP client.

For Python, this example uses lakeFS’s python package. The lakefs-client pacakge was created by OpenAPI Generator using our OpenAPI definition served by a lakeFS server.

Install lakeFS Python Client API

Install the Python client using pip:

pip install 'lakefs_client==<lakeFS version>'

The package is available from version >= 0.34.0.

Working with the Client API

How to instantiate a client:

import lakefs_client
from lakefs_client import models
from lakefs_client.client import LakeFSClient

# lakeFS credentials and endpoint
configuration = lakefs_client.Configuration()
configuration.username = 'AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE'
configuration.password = 'wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEY' = 'http://localhost:8000'

client = LakeFSClient(configuration)

Using the generated client

Now that we have a client object, we can use it to interact with the API.

Creating a repository

repo = models.RepositoryCreation(name='example-repo', storage_namespace='s3://storage-bucket/repos/example-repo', default_branch='main')
# output:
# {'creation_date': 1617532175,
#  'default_branch': 'main',
#  'id': 'example-repo',
#  'storage_namespace': 's3://storage-bucket/repos/example-repo'}

Creating a branch, uploading files, committing changes

List repository branches:

# output:
# [{'commit_id': 'cdd673a4c5f42d33acdf3505ecce08e4d839775485990d231507f586ebe97656', 'id': 'main'}]

Create a new branch:

client.branches.create_branch(repository='example-repo', branch_creation=models.BranchCreation(name='experiment-aggregations1', source='main'))
# output:
# 'cdd673a4c5f42d33acdf3505ecce08e4d839775485990d231507f586ebe97656'

Let’s list again, to see our newly created branch:

# output:
# [{'commit_id': 'cdd673a4c5f42d33acdf3505ecce08e4d839775485990d231507f586ebe97656', 'id': 'experiment-aggregations1'}, {'commit_id': 'cdd673a4c5f42d33acdf3505ecce08e4d839775485990d231507f586ebe97656', 'id': 'main'}]

Great. Now, let’s upload a file into our new branch:

with open('file.csv', 'rb') as f:
    client.objects.upload_object(repository='example-repo', branch='experiment-aggregations1', path='path/to/file.csv', content=f)
# output:
# {'checksum': '0d3b39380e2500a0f60fb3c09796fdba',
#  'mtime': 1617534834,
#  'path': 'path/to/file.csv',
#  'path_type': 'object',
#  'physical_address': 'local://example-repo/1865650a296c42e28183ad08e9b068a3',
#  'size_bytes': 18}

Diffing a single branch will show all uncommitted changes on that branch:

client.branches.diff_branch(repository='example-repo', branch='experiment-aggregations1').results
# output:
# [{'path': 'path/to/file.csv', 'path_type': 'object', 'type': 'added'}]

As expected, our change appears here. Let’s commit it, and attach some arbitrary metadata:

    commit_creation=models.CommitCreation(message='Added a CSV file!', metadata={'using': 'python_api'}))
# output:
# {'committer': 'barak',
#  'creation_date': 1617535120,
#  'id': 'e80899a5709509c2daf797c69a6118be14733099f5928c14d6b65c9ac2ac841b',
#  'message': 'Added a CSV file!',
#  'meta_range_id': '',
#  'metadata': {'using': 'python_api'},
#  'parents': ['cdd673a4c5f42d33acdf3505ecce08e4d839775485990d231507f586ebe97656']}

Diffing again, this time there should be no uncommitted files:

client.branches.diff_branch(repository='example-repo', branch='experiment-aggregations1').results
# output:
# []

Merging changes from a branch into main

Let’s diff between our branch and the main branch:

client.refs.diff_refs(repository='example-repo', left_ref='experiment-aggregations1', right_ref='main').results
# output:
# [{'path': 'path/to/file.csv', 'path_type': 'object', 'type': 'added'}]

Looks like we have a change. Let’s merge it:

client.refs.merge_into_branch(repository='example-repo', source_ref='experiment-aggregations1', destination_branch='main')
# output:
# {'reference': 'd0414a3311a8c1cef1ef355d6aca40db72abe545e216648fe853e25db788fa2e',
#  'summary': {'added': 1, 'changed': 0, 'conflict': 0, 'removed': 0}}

Let’s diff again - there should be no changes as all changes are on our main branch already:

client.refs.diff_refs(repository='example-repo', left_ref='experiment-aggregations1', right_ref='main').results
# output:
# []

Python client documentation

For the documentation of lakeFS’s python package, see

Full API reference

For a full reference of the lakeFS API, see lakeFS API