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Using lakeFS with Airflow

There are two aspects we will need to handle in order to run Airflow with lakeFS:

Access and Insert data through lakeFS

Since lakeFS supports AWS S3 API, it works seamlessly with all operators that work on top of S3 (such as SparkSubmitOperator, S3FileTransormOperator, etc.)

All we need to do is set lakeFS as the endpoint-url and use our lakeFS credentials instead of our S3 credentials and that’s about it.

We could then run tasks on lakeFS using the lakeFS path convention


The lakeFS docs contain explanations and examples on how to use lakeFS with AWS CLI, Spark, Presto and many more.

Run lakeFS commands such as creating branches, committing, merging, etc.

We currently have two options to run lakeFS commands with Airflow Using the SimpleHttpOperator to send API requests to lakeFS. Or we could use the bashOperator with lakeCTL commands.

For example, a commit task using the bashOperator:

commit_extract = BashOperator(
   bash_command='lakectl commit lakefs://example_repo@example_dag_branch -m "extract data"',