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lakeFS Cloud

lakeFS Cloud is a fully-managed lakeFS solution provided by Treeverse, implemented using our best practices, providing high availability, auto-scaling, support and enterprise-ready features.

lakeFS Cloud Features

How lakeFS Cloud interacts with your infrastructure

Treeverse hosts and manages a dedicated lakeFS instance that interfaces with data held in your object store, such as S3.

flowchart TD
    U[Users] --> LFC

    subgraph Your Infrastructure
    IAMM[lakeFS Managed GC IAM Role] --> ObjectStore[Client's Object Store]
    IAMA[lakeFS Application IAM Role] --> ObjectStore

    subgraph Treeverse's Infrastructure
    MGC[Managed Garbage Collection] --> EMR[Elastic Map Reduce]
    EMR --> IAMM
    MGC --> CP
    CP[Control Plane]
    LFC --> CP

        subgraph Client's Tenant
        LFC[lakeFS Cloud] --> DB[Refstore Database]
    LFC --> IAMC[lakeFS Connector IAM Role]    
    IAMC -->|ExternalID| IAMA

Setting up lakeFS Cloud

AWS / Azure

Please follow the self-service setup wizard on lakeFS Cloud


Please contact us for onboarding instructions.