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Understanding lakeFS

lakeFS Docs

Architecture and Internals

The Architecture page includes a logical overview of lakeFS and its components.

For deep-dive content about lakeFS see:

lakeFS Use Cases

lakeFS has many uses in the data world, including

One of the important things that lakeFS provides is full support for Data Lifecycle Management through all stages:

lakeFS Concepts and Model

lakeFS adopts many of the terms and concepts from git. This page goes into details on the similarities and differences, and provides a good background to the concepts used in lakeFS.


Check out the Performance best practices guide for useful hints and tips on ensuring high performance from lakeFS.

FAQ and Glossary

The FAQ covers many common questions around lakeFS, and the glossary provides a useful reference for the terms used in lakeFS.


lakeFS is an Apache 2.0 licensed open-source project. Treeverse also provides two commercial products:

Find out more on the pricing page, or contact us for details.