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Prepare Your Blob Storage Container

Create a container in Azure portal:

  1. From the Azure portal, Storage Accounts, choose your account, then in the container tab click + Container.
  2. Make sure you block public access

Authenticate with Secret Key

If you want lakeFS to authenticate with your storage using the storage account key, go to the Access Keys tab and click Show Keys. Use the values under Storage account name and Key in the lakeFS configuration.

Authenticate with Active Directory

In case you want your lakeFS Installation (we will install in the next step) to access this Container using Active Directory authentication, First go to the container you created in step 1.

  • Go to Access Control (IAM)
  • Go to the Role assignments tab
  • Add the Storage Blob Data Contributor role to the Installation running lakeFS.

You are now ready to create your first lakeFS repository.