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Release Checklist

  • Master branch checks are green
  • Create a new draft release
    • Bump the version based on SemVer guidelines.
    • Make sure the version is v succeeded by the SemVer number. Example: v1.1.14.
    • If the change includes a migration, it is considered a new feature, and the minor version needs to be bumped.
  • Verify that the GoReleaser actions triggered by the new draft release completes successfully.
  • Update the release notes (after goreleaser auto-generated list)
    • Remove test and documentation related stuff
    • Try to sort the list by importance
    • Update the description of items if needed so the reader will understand better what this release changes
    • Migration should be noted and documented outside the changelog (check the changelog for migrate: prefix):
      • How to run the migration if needed
      • Whether lakeFS service needs to be down while migration is running (backward compatibility)
  • Uncheck ‘This is a pre-release’
  • Update charts repository (PR, Approve and Commit)
    • Bump the version patch level (charts/lakefs/Chart.yaml)
    • Update appVersion to the lakeFS version (charts/lakefs/Chart.yaml)