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Authentication & Authorization

Table of contents

  1. Authentication
    1. API Server Authentication
    2. S3 Gateway Authentication
  2. Authorization
    1. Authorization Model
    2. Authorization process
    3. Policy Precedence
    4. Resource naming - ARNs
    5. Actions and Permissions
    6. Preconfigured Policies
      1. FSFullAccess
      2. FSReadAll
      3. FSReadWriteAll
      4. AuthFullAccess
      5. AuthManageOwnCredentials
    7. Preconfigured Groups
      1. Admins
      2. SuperUsers
      3. Developers
      4. Viewers


API Server Authentication

Authenticating against the API server is done using a key-pair, passed via Basic Access Authentication.

All HTTP requests must carry an Authorization header with the following structure:

Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded access_key_id:secret_access_key>

For example, assuming my access_key_id is my_access_key_id and my secret_access_key is my_secret_access_key, we’d send the following header with every request:

Authorization: Basic bXlfYWNjZXNzX2tleV9pZDpteV9hY2Nlc3Nfc2VjcmV0X2tleQ==

S3 Gateway Authentication

To provide API compatibility with Amazon S3, authentication with the S3 Gateway supports both SIGv2 and SIGv4. Clients such as the AWS SDK that implement these authentication methods should work without modification.

See this example for authenticating with the AWS CLI.


Authorization Model

Access to resources is managed very much like AWS IAM.

There are 4 basic components to the system:

Users - Representing entities that access and use the system. A user is given one or more Access Credentials for authentication.

Actions - Representing a logical action within the system - reading a file, creating a repository, etc.

Resources - A unique identifier representing a specific resource in the system - a repository, an object, a user, etc.

Policies - Representing a set of Actions, a Resource and an effect: whether or not these actions are Allowed or Denied for the given resource(s).

Groups - A named collection of users. Users can belong to multiple groups.

Controlling access is done by attaching Policies, either directly to Users, or to Groups they belong to.

Authorization process

Every action in the system, be it an API request, UI interaction, S3 Gateway call or CLI command, requires a set of actions to be allowed for one or more resources.

When a user makes a request to perform that action, the following process takes place:

  1. Authentication - The credentials passed in the request are evaluated, and the user’s identity is extracted.
  2. Action permission resolution - lakeFS would then calculate the set of allowed actions and resources that this request requires.
  3. Effective policy resolution - the user’s policies (either attached directly or through group memberships) are calculated
  4. Policy/Permission evaluation - lakeFS will compare the given user policies with the request actions and determine whether or not the request is allowed to continue

Policy Precedence

Each policy attached to a user or a group has an Effect - either Allow or Deny. During evaluation of a request, Deny would take precedence over any other Allow policy.

This helps us compose policies together. For example, we could attach a very permissive policy to a user and use Deny rules to then selectively restrict what that user can do.

Resource naming - ARNs

lakeFS uses ARN identifier - very similar in structure to those used by AWS. The resource segment of the ARN supports wildcards: use * to match 0 or more characters, or ? to match exactly one character.

Additionally, the current user’s ID is interpolated in runtime into the ARN using the ${user} placeholder.

Here are a few examples of valid ARNs within lakeFS:


this allows us to create fine-grained policies affecting only a specific subset of resources.

See below for a full reference of ARNs and actions

Actions and Permissions

For the full list of actions and their required permissions see the following table:

Action name required action Resource API endpoint S3 gateway operation
List Repositories fs:ListRepositories * GET /repositories ListBuckets
Get Repository fs:ReadRepository arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId} HeadBucket
Get Commit fs:ReadCommit arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/commits/{commitId} -
Create Commit fs:CreateCommit arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} POST /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId}/commits -
Get Commit log fs:ReadBranch arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId}/commits -
Create Repository fs:CreateRepository arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} POST /repositories -
Delete Repository fs:DeleteRepository arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} DELETE /repositories/{repositoryId} -
List Branches fs:ListBranches arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches ListObjects/ListObjectsV2 (with delimiter = / and empty prefix)
Get Branch fs:ReadBranch arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId} -
Create Branch fs:CreateBranch arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} POST /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches -
Delete Branch fs:DeleteBranch arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} DELETE /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId} -
Merge branches fs:CreateCommit arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{destinationBranchId} POST /repositories/{repositoryId}/refs/{sourceBranchId}/merge/{destinationBranchId} -
Diff branch uncommitted changes fs:ListObjects arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId}/diff -
Diff refs fs:ListObjects arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/refs/{leftRef}/diff/{rightRef} -
Stat object fs:ReadObject arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/object/{objectKey} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/refs/{ref}/objects/stat HeadObject
Get Object fs:ReadObject arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/object/{objectKey} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/refs/{ref}/objects GetObject
List Objects fs:ListObjects arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId} GET /repositories/{repositoryId}/refs/{ref}/objects/ls ListObjects, ListObjectsV2 (no delimiter, or “/” + non-empty prefix)
Upload Object fs:WriteObject arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/object/{objectKey} POST /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId}/objects PutObject, CreateMultipartUpload, UploadPart, CompleteMultipartUpload
Delete Object fs:DeleteObject arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/object/{objectKey} DELETE /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId}/objects DeleteObject, DeleteObjects, AbortMultipartUpload
Revert Branch fs:RevertBranch arn:lakefs:fs:::repository/{repositoryId}/branch/{branchId} PUT /repositories/{repositoryId}/branches/{branchId} -
Create User auth:CreateUser arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} POST /auth/users -
List Users auth:ListUsers * GET /auth/users -
Get User auth:ReadUser arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} GET /auth/users/{userId} -
Delete User auth:DeleteUser arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} DELETE /auth/users/{userId} -
Get Group auth:ReadGroup arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} GET /auth/groups/{groupId} -
List Groups auth:ListGroups * GET /auth/groups -
Create Group auth:CreateGroup arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} POST /auth/groups -
Delete Group auth:DeleteGroup arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} DELETE /auth/groups/{groupId} -
List Policies auth:ListPolicies * GET /auth/policies -
Create Policy auth:CreatePolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::policy/{policyId} POST /auth/policies -
Update Policy auth:UpdatePolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::policy/{policyId} POST /auth/policies -
Delete Policy auth:DeletePolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::policy/{policyId} DELETE /auth/policies/{policyId} -
Get Policy auth:ReadPolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::policy/{policyId} GET /auth/policies/{policyId} -
List Group Members auth:ReadGroup arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} GET /auth/groups/{groupId}/members -
Add Group Member auth:AddGroupMember arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} PUT /auth/groups/{groupId}/members/{userId} -
Remove Group Member auth:RemoveGroupMember arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} DELETE /auth/groups/{groupId}/members/{userId} -
List User Credentials auth:ListCredentials arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} GET /auth/users/{userId}/credentials -
Create User Credentials auth:CreateCredentials arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} POST /auth/users/{userId}/credentials -
Delete User Credentials auth:DeleteCredentials arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} DELETE /auth/users/{userId}/credentials/{accessKeyId} -
Get User Credentials auth:ReadCredentials arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} GET /auth/users/{userId}/credentials/{accessKeyId} -
List User Groups auth:ReadUser arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} GET /auth/users/{userId}/groups -
List User Policies auth:ReadUser arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} GET /auth/users/{userId}/policies -
Attach Policy To User auth:AttachPolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} PUT /auth/users/{userId}/policies/{policyId} -
Detach Policy From User auth:DetachPolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::user/{userId} DELETE /auth/users/{userId}/policies/{policyId} -
List Group Policies auth:ReadGroup arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} GET /auth/groups/{groupId}/policies -
Attach Policy To Group auth:AttachPolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} PUT /auth/groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} -
Detach Policy From Group auth:DetachPolicy arn:lakefs:auth:::group/{groupId} DELETE /auth/groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} -
Read Storage Config fs:ReadConfig * GET /config/storage -

Preconfigured Policies

The following Policies are created during initial setup:



  "Action": [
  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Resource": "*"


  "Action": [
  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Resource": "*"


    "statement": [
            "action": [
            "effect": "Allow",
            "resource": "*"


  "Action": [
  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Resource": "*"


  "Action": [
  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Resource": "arn:lakefs:auth:::user/${user}"

Preconfigured Groups


Policies: ["FSFullAccess", "AuthFullAccess"]


Policies: ["FSFullAccess", "AuthManageOwnCredentials"]


Policies: ["FSReadWriteAll", "AuthManageOwnCredentials"]


Policies: ["FSReadAll", "AuthManageOwnCredentials"]