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lakeFS Cloud

Auditing is only available for lakeFS Cloud.

The lakeFS audit log allows you to view all relevant user action information in a clear and organized table, including when the action was performed, by whom, and what it was they did.

audit log

This can be useful for several purposes, including:

  1. Compliance - Audit logs can be used to show what data users accessed, as well as any changes they made to user management.

  2. Troubleshooting - If something changes on your underlying object store that you weren’t expecting, such as a big file suddenly breaking into thousands of smaller files, you can use the audit log to find out what action led to this change.

Audit Fields

The audit log includes the following fields:

  • Time - Time of action
  • User - Name of the user who performed the action
  • Region - Region of the lakeFS installation where the action was performed
  • Status - Status code returned for the action
    • 2xx - Successful
    • 3xx - Redirection
    • 4xx - Client error
    • 5xx - Server error
  • Action - Specific lakeFS action (such as Login, Commit, ListRepositories, CreateUser, etc…)
  • Resource - Full URL of the command (e.g for a commit on branch main we would see the action Commit and the resource /api/v1/repositories/e2e-monitoring/branches/main/commits)


Filtering is available using the filter bar. The filter bar works with a simple query language.

The table fields can be filtered by the following operators

  • User - =,!=
  • Region - =,!=
  • Status(Number) - <,>,<=,>=,=,!=
  • Action - =,!=
  • Resource - =,!=