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Rolling back Changes in lakeFS

Our intrepid user (you) merged a change back into the main branch and realised that they had made a mistake 🤦🏻.

The good news for them (you) is that lakeFS can revert changes made, similar to how you would in Git 😅.

From your terminal window run lakectl with the revert command:

docker exec -it lakefs lakectl branch revert lakefs://quickstart/main main --parent-number 1 --yes

You should see a confirmation of a successful rollback:

Branch: lakefs://quickstart/main
commit main successfully reverted

Back in the object page and the DuckDB query we can see that the original file is now back to how it was: The lakeFS object viewer with DuckDB query showing that the lakes dataset on main branch has been successfully returned to state prior to the merge.