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Rolling back Changes in lakeFS ↩️

Our intrepid user (you) merged a change back into the main branch and realised that they had made a mistake 🤦🏻.

The good news for them (you) is that lakeFS can revert changes made, similar to how you would in Git 😅.

From your terminal window run lakectl with the revert command:

docker exec -it lakefs \
    lakectl branch revert \
	    lakefs://quickstart/main \
	    main --parent-number 1 --yes

You should see a confirmation of a successful rollback:

Branch: lakefs://quickstart/main
commit main successfully reverted

Back in the object page and the DuckDB query we can see that the original file is now back to how it was: The lakeFS object viewer with DuckDB query showing that the lakes dataset on main branch has been successfully returned to state prior to the merge.

Bonus Challenge

And so with that, this quickstart for lakeFS draws to a close. If you’re simply having too much fun to stop then here’s an exercise for you.

Implement the requirement from above correctly, such that you write denmark-lakes.parquet in the respective branch and successfully merge it back into main. Look up how to list the contents of the main branch and verify that it looks like this:

object          2023-03-21 17:33:51 +0000 UTC    20.9 kB         denmark-lakes.parquet
object          2023-03-21 14:45:38 +0000 UTC    916.4 kB        lakes.parquet

Finishing Up

Once you’ve finished the quickstart, shut down your local environment with the following command:

docker-compose down