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lakeFS Quickstart

Welcome to lakeFS!

lakeFS provides a “Git for data” platform enabling you to implement best practices from software engineering on your data lake, including branching and merging, CI/CD, and production-like dev/test environments.

This quickstart will introduce you to some of the core ideas in lakeFS and show what you can do by illustrating the concept of branching, merging, and rolling back changes to data. It’s laid out in five short sections:

step 1


Spin up the quickstart environment locally under Docker

step 2


Query the pre-populated data on the main branch

step 3


Make changes to the data on a new branch

step 4


Merge the changed data back to the main branch

step 5


Change our mind and revert the changes

step 6


Use Actions to trigger code when an event occurs

step 6

Work Locally

Experiment with lakeFS data on a local environment

You can use the 30-day free trial of lakeFS Cloud if you want to try out lakeFS without installing anything.