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Airflow Hooks

Airflow Hook triggers a DAG run in an Airflow installation using Airflow’s REST API. The hook run succeeds if the DAG was triggered, and fails otherwise.

Action file Airflow hook properties

See the Action configuration for overall configuration schema and details.

Property Description Data Type Example Required Environment Variables Supported
url The URL of the Airflow instance String http://localhost:8080 yes no
dag_id The DAG to trigger String example_dag yes no
username The name of the Airflow user performing the request String admin yes no
password The password of the Airflow user performing the request String admin yes yes
dag_conf DAG run configuration that will be passed as is JSON   no no
wait_for_dag Wait for DAG run to complete and reflect state (default: false) Boolean   no no
timeout Time to wait for the DAG run to complete (default: 1m) String (golang’s Duration representation)   no no


  - id: trigger_my_dag
    type: airflow
    description: Trigger an example_dag
       url: "http://localhost:8000"
       dag_id: "example_dag"
       username: "admin"
       password: "{{ ENV.AIRFLOW_SECRET }}"
          some: "additional_conf"

Hook Record in configuration field

lakeFS will add an entry to the Airflow request configuration property (conf) with the event that triggered the action.

The key of the record will be lakeFS_event and the value will match the one described here