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lakeFS - How To

lakeFS Docs

Installation and upgrades

Getting data in and out of lakeFS

Actions and Hooks in lakeFS

  • Use Actions and Hooks as part of your workflow to validate data, enforce constraints, and do more when events occur.

Branch Protection

  • Branch Protection prevents commits directly to a branch. This is a good way to enforce good practice and make sure that changes to important branches are only done by a merge.

lakeFS Sizing Guide

Garbage Collection

  • lakeFS will keep all of your objects forever, unless you tell it otherwise. Use Garbage Collection (GC) to remove objects from the underlying storage. If you want GC to happen automagically then you can use Managed Garbage Collection which is available as part of lakeFS Cloud.
  • Private Link enables lakeFS Cloud to interact with your infrastructure using private networking.

Unity Delta Sharing

  • lakeFS Unity Delta Sharing provides a read-only experience from Unity Catalog for lakeFS customers.