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lakeFS Enterprise

LakeFS Enterprise is a commercially-supported version of the open-source lakeFS project, offering additional features and functionalities targeted for businesses. It provides several benefits over the open-source version:

  • Security - Advanced Authorization
    • RBAC - implements role-based access control to manage user permissions. It allows for fine-grained control by associating permissions with users and groups, granting them specific actions on specific resources. This ensures data security and compliance within an organization.
  • Security - Advanced Authentication
    • SSO - lets users sign in with existing credentials from a trusted provider, eliminating separate logins.
    • STS Auth - offers temporary, secure logins using an Identity Provider, simplifying user access and enhancing security.
    • Authenticate to lakeFS with AWS IAM Roles - lets programs authenticate using AWS IAM roles instead of lakeFS credentials, granting access based on IAM policies.
  • Support SLA

Contact Sales to get the token for Fluffy.


lakeFS Enterprise solution consists of 2 main components:

  1. lakeFS - Open Source: treeverse/lakeFS, release info found in Github releases.
  2. Fluffy - Proprietary: In charge of the Enterprise features. Can be retrieved from Treeverse Dockerhub using the granted token.

You can learn nore about lakeFS Enterprise architecture, or follow the examples in the quickstart guide.