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Once we have lakeFS configured and running, open https://<OPENAPI_SERVER_ENDPOINT>/setup (e.g.

  1. Follow the steps to create an initial administrator user. Save the credentials you’ve received somewhere safe, you won’t be able to see them again!


  2. Follow the link and go to the login screen

    Login Screen

  3. Use the credentials from step #1 to login as an administrator
  4. Click Create Repository

    Create Repository

    Under Storage Namespace, be sure to set the path to the bucket you’ve configured in a previous step.

Next steps

After creating a repo, you can import your existing data into it. lakeFS offers an Import API to bring your data without copying it. Alternatively, if you wish to copy existing data from an S3 bucket to lakeFS, use DistCp or Rclone.

Check out the usage guides under using lakeFS with… for other options.